Here at VivaRed, our vision is to bring healthy solutions to everyone — and that includes you. We want to help you achieve new heights, meet your healthy living goals, and live well. VivaRed supports your healthy living aspirations by providing you with the necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy. Our team consists of industry experts and our goal is to develop quality products to help you get closer to achieving your healthy living goals.

When it comes to health, everyone should have a trusted provider who will listen and provide support — from children to athletes to elderly and everyone in between. This is why here at VivaRed, we provide trusted products for all. Everyone should have access to not only vitality and wellness, but also the peace of mind that they can trust the products they consume.

We focus on the following standards for each of our products: 

Thoughtful Design

At VivaRed, our product packaging is intentionally designed to be clear and easy-to-use so you can be confident you’re selecting the right product for you.

Honest Processes

In an industry filled with fine print, false labels and magic cures, we pledge transparency at every step of the way. From the ingredients in our supplements to the way we market our products, we promise to be straight-forward with our customers so you can feel confident about what you’re putting in your body.

Empowering Products

VivaRed provides supplements that can empower you to take better control of your overall wellness. Our quality standards allow us to deliver products that our customers can trust. Together with healthy life choices, we believe you can obtain your desired results.

OUR Quality Certifications

At VivaRed, we stand by our brand promise to become the most trusted brand enhancing people’s lives through nature’s best and most powerful ingredients. Being the most trusted is something that extends from the quality of our products to the way we communicate with our customers.

VivaRed is driven by a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with an overall aim to make a positive impact in people’s lives and society as a whole.

VivaRed is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.
We guarantee that all VivaRed products meet within these standards and quality.

VivaRed products do not use genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO), providing you the peace of mind of knowing that VivaRed products are better.

All VivaRed products are tested and verified to meet our high quality standards, assuring you of the strength, quality, and purity of all of our products.

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